Delectable Mix Millet Dhokla – Your Yummy Bag of Jwari, Bajari & Nachani

Born in the rasoi of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Dhokla seems to have travelled across the years and entered the kitchens of every household in the country. The nutrition-rich mix millet Dhokla has always been an appeal to the growling tummy and hungry eyes.

Well, the reasons ring loud, don’t they?

A packet of ready-to-make Mix Mille Dhokla batter contains all the values of its healthy ingredients – Jwari, Nachani, and Bajari. Reminisce the childhood days, and you will remember how your mother had to force feed this to you. Well, gone are those days!

The mouth-watering sight of yellow, puffy cubes of Dhokla sprinkled with coriander dust, and sautéed with black mustard seeds, is the heart’s beckoning. A dish dressed like that sits on the breakfast table, tempting the palate.

All that you need to do is mix the batter, steam-cook it for a few minutes, and there is your delicious dhokla cake!

Here is how you can know its nutritious benefits.

A blend of nutrition and lip-smacking taste: Mix Millet Dhokla

The packaged form of ready-made dhokla comes with ingredients like turmeric, sodium bicarbonate, ginger, powdered rice. All these add on to its zesty flavour.

Mentioned below are the ingredients that make this Dhokla the favourite snacks-cum-breakfast for all, irrespective of age.

i. Bajari

A popular ingredient in most of the western states of the country, Bajari is very high in fibres, and hence, aids in digestion. Bajari being rich in antioxidants is effective in preventing the occurrence of cancer and asthma. Guess what! It also helps break down carbohydrates in the body, thereby, reducing fat content.

ii. Nachani/Ragi

A healthy cereal, Ragi is known for its rich calcium content, its role in controlling blood sugar level, and for battling anaemia. Ragi is also one of the best diet inclusions for all those looking to shed some fat. What could be better? Food that is yummy and yet helps you lose weight. Doesn’t happen often, does it?

  • Jwari

The ‘new quinoa’ – that’s the new tag Jwari is going by. This is due to its gluten-free property and its ability to fight free radicals in a body. Since it is tipped with fibre, it plays a crucial role in improving your digestion system.

@Mothers: Rejoice! Your work just got easier. Time to listen to eager demands for more Dhokla – a dish that is savoury to the taste and boosts the health quotient!

Now, you know what your guests and children will equally love when served warm, with a pinch of curry and coriander leaves!