Experience the Goodness of All Pulses in One with Mix Dal Dhokla!

Dal dhokla has been a staple in western India like in Gujarat, Rajasthan and more places since time immemorial. And, why not? This delicious and nutrition-rich food item is as good for one’s appetite as its pleasing appearance.

Small and yellow cubes of dal dhokla, sautéed with black mustard seeds & curry leaves, and sprinkled with a hint of coriander are just irresistible. Not to mention the emanating aroma that tickles your senses tempt you to gorge on it.

Well, out of all, the dal dhoklas that you have tasted or known from your grandma’s recipe book top the list. Yes, it’s none other than mix dal dhokla, a batter made with ground pulses of different varieties. Let’s take a better look at its nutritional richness.

Nourishment of pulses – the nutriment of mix dal dhokla

The high nutritional value of pulses has made them one of the must-have diets in your everyday life. It’s not for no reason that your mother made you eat that soupy-yellow ‘dal’, no matter how much you sobbed or wailed.

Well, while you are grown up today and your mother doesn’t spoon-feed you this healthy meal, it still needs to be a part of your daily diet. Don’t worry, your solution to tasty and healthy food with a burst of same nutritional richness is here – mix dal dhokla.

Here’s a list of 5 essential pulses that enhance the goodness of multi pulse dhokla.

  • Moong Dal –

You must have heard of moong dal being used in various dishes, both sweet and salty. Now, try it as a part of mix dal dhokla with all its nutritional values intact. High in protein, it is also a powerhouse of various minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

  • Masoor Dal –

A pearly red pulse, masoor dal is high in calories with as much as 230 calories in just a cup of it. The pulse is also a rich source of dietary fibre.

  • Chana Dal –

A right mix of protein, fat and calories, chana dal is just the right pulse to mix in a dhokla batter.

  • Udad Dal –

Udad dal or black gram is packed with calories – a whopping 341 calories per 100 gram. It is also a good source of folates along with protein and dietary fibre.

  • Tur Dal –

A good source of rare minerals your body needs, tur or arhar dal also consists of vitamins and protein in high amount. It is among the few pulses that carry a significant amount of good cholesterol.

What more would you need in a meal when you get a plate full of nutrition added with a tinge of tangy curd?

Well yes, you get a load of goodness in just a few sumptuous bites of mouth-watering mix dal dhokla. All you need is mixing the batter and a few minutes of steam-cooking to make a dhokla cake. Carve it out and slice into pieces. Sauté with a pinch of mustard seeds and curry leaves to enjoy the delicious bites. Are you still waiting? Get a pack of mix dal dhokla flour and cook to delight your friends and family.