What Happens When We Eat Bhakri Daily for Weight loss?

We often get to hear from nutritionists and dieticians that we must not eat anything unhealthy in between the gap of two meals. However, seldom we find healthy things around and crave for munchies and eventually end up eating fried or junk foods. Feeling hungry in between two meals is very natural, but what can we do to kill the hunger with nutritious food?

Bhakri bread is very popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. Maharashtrian Bhakri recipe is easy to make and easier to eat.

How can Bhakri help at losing weight?

Bhakri is healthy, and a crispy bhakri recipe can save you at your munchies craving between two meals. Since bhakri flour has nutrition values, if you eat bhakri in between two meals, your hunger would be served with nutritious and fibrous food, not making any negative impact on your health.

Have you ever thought that you can eat and still not gain weight by eating something healthy like bhakri?

What are the nutrition values of Bhakri?

Bhakri is made from the flour jawari, nachani, bajari flour and in Konkani region people use rice flour as well. These ingredients make bhakri a healthy option of food with omnipotent nutrition values. Bhakri flour nutrition would surprise you!

Bhakri has been lately replaced by wheat flour made phulkas or chapattis. However, Bhakri is way more beneficial for your health than regular chapatti.

In per 100-gram bhakri flour, there is

147 Kcal
29 grams of carbohydrate and
only 3.5 grams fat
-whereas your regular wheat chapatti has

161 Kcal and
nearly 35 grams of carbohydrate.
You might not want to replace your regular chapatti with Bhakri, but you can think of bhakri during your munchies cravings.

How to make Bhakri?

There are different ways of making bhakri. All the regions in India have their unique ways to make this healthy and fibrous bread. Here is a crispy Bhakri recipe for you.

As per the Maharashtrian Bhakri recip

  • Mix water with Bhakri flour and make a dough out of it
  • Roll and spread the dough with your regular chapatti roller or belan
  • Cook as a normal phulka or chapatti

These phulkas are best to serve with curd or chutney.

You can also try making masala Bhakri and the recipes are well available on the internet.

How else can I eat Bhakri?

Replacing regular chapatti with Bhakri is definitely a good idea, and adults with an understanding of its benefits choose it. However, it is often difficult to feed children with the same as they don’t care about the food and ingredients as long as they get tasty food.

  • Spread ketchup on your bread
  • Put cabbage and capsicum
  • Top with cheese or add extra toppings as you please

And your platter of tasty Bhakri Pizza is ready.

Wouldn’t this be a good munchie rather than your regular junk food? Think about this – an excellent option for your food cravings, one that yields your health benefits – that actually seems like a dream come true!