Taste for Life unveils new campaign ‘Bachhon Jaisi Bhookh Jaga De’

Taking you straight to your childhood and will bring out the ‘Bachhon Jaisi Bhookh’ in you.

Taste for Life, a leading fast-growing, premium food manufacturing brand, has launched its new campaign ‘Bachhon Jaisi Bhookh Jaga De’. A new campaign that will take you on a nostalgic ride with Taste for Life’s soft and tasty rotis that will bring out the child in you.

Childhood memories are one of the fondest memories in an individual’s life that are often characterized by cheerful, joyous and jesting moments that one cherishes for a lifetime. One can easily remember the gleeful delight of wolfing down your favorite meal as a child and how the simple act would just light up your day. For children, when it comes to food, taste is above everything else. Even with the pickiest of eaters, if the food is tasty, they will savor and gobble the food.

Taste for Life atta will help you make the softest and tastiest rotis that will take you back straight to your childhood and will bring out the ‘Bachhon Jaisi Bhookh’ in you. The campaign aims to highlight Taste for Life’s atta variants that are enriched with fiber, nutrients, minerals, vitamins and retains 100% wheat bran along with its maximum water absorption ability that will guarantee to make you the softest and tastiest rotis. It will invoke the child within you that will just keep asking for more.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Mandar Deshpande, Founder & CEO, Taste for Life, said “We have always firmly believed that the quality of atta is the key to taste of roti. Hence, it has been our constant endeavour in ensuring that the quality of the grains have always been superior, M.P Sihore. With this campaign, we wish to highlight how the Taste for Life atta variants will assure you the softest and tastiest rotis that will bring out the child in you along with Bacchon Jaisi Bhookh. The campaign is all about creating a nostalgic moment bringing alive the joyous childhood memories of enjoying food.”

Commenting on the same, Mrs. Minal Deshpande, Co-founder & Sales Director, Taste for Life, said “At Taste for Life, utmost importance is given to the quality and selection of grains. We use only high-quality, fully grown wheat grain which is enriched by 100% wheat bran. Right from the selection of the grains to its manufacturing processes, we ensure that the quality is not compromised, and we produce premium quality atta that will help you make softer, tastier and healthier rotis. Through this campaign, we wish to highlight the key features of Taste for Life atta that will bring out ‘Bachhon Jaisi Bhookh’ within you.”

Taste for Life is a 24-year-old, home-grown premium manufacturing food brand that produces a variety of high quality attas like M.P. Sihore atta enriched with Soyabean, Methi, and Nachani. They also offer Multigrain atta, Lokwan atta and Khapali atta along with others. All products are manufactured at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mahape, Navi Mumbai. To ensure health, hygiene and quality of the products, TFL wheat grains are cleaned to an extent (as if washed) after being sourced. Further the quality of grains is examined by an expert team basis which only fully developed grains are selected for grinding whereas under-developed grains are removed. TFL follows the Traditional Chakki grinding process at their manufacturing facility in Mahape. The grinding process retains 100% bran and preserves the nutrient of the grain to provide a superior quality Atta that makes rotis soft and tasty for more than 8 hours.