Mahashivratri is a widely celebrated festival in India, in honor of the great lord Shiva. This day falls into the month of Phalguna as per the Hindu calendar. Mahashivratri word literally means ‘The great night of Shiva’. Devotees stay awake the entire night to celebrate this auspicious Shivratri.

       Gurudev shri shri Ravishankar says “Every Mahashivratri is meant to wake up every particle of your body. The festival is a wakeup call to move away from conflicts and move towards the truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence – The eternal qualities of lord Shiva.” Devotees observe fasts, eat light food, and perform meditation to realize the presence of the god Shiva.

Festivals are always a tasty treat for many Indian households. Many people perform nirjala vrat in which they have to stay without water and food. Some prepare upwas dishes which include samo rice (Vari), potato, sabudana, milk, fruits, etc. which are very healthy in a certain way. Many women prepare authentic ‘vrat’ recipes in age-old traditional way but what about those ladies who have to run for their job?

This Mahashivratri we can change our “Fast is equal to Sabudana khichdi” equation and opt for ‘Taste for Life’s mouthwatering upwas ready-mix options.

Upwas thalipeeth mix from Deshpande’s Taste for life can be prepared in just 15 min. Key ingredients of this pack are rajgeera, vari rice, sabudana, peanut powder, and potato powder.

Farali Dosa mix is also one of the tasty upwas ready-mix from Taste for life brand. It contains samo rice which boosts energy and provides vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates.  

So indulge yourself with tasty upwas treats and celebrate Mahashivratri with loved ones.

                                                  “Happy Mahashivratri”

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