Motichoor ke laddu: A Delicious ‘Ram Navami special’ recipe using TFL’s Besan

Ram Navami preparations are around the corner and to help you with that, we are here with the most famous North Indian recipe of “Motichoor laddu”!

Motichoor laddus are commonly offered as a ‘Naivedya’ to lord Rama on this auspicious occasion.

The word ‘Motichoor’ literally translates into “crushed pearls” as they are very soft and delicate in texture. The main ingredient of Motichoor laddu is gram flour (besan).

The whole process of making this laddu is time-consuming but if you have the perfect ingredients and if you know the proper tips and tricks, you can prepare it in no time!

Follow this recipe to make tasty Motichoor laddu :


For sugar syrup:

-Pinch of saffron

-1 cup sugar

-Half a cup of water

For Making boondi:

– 1 cup of Taste for life chana dal atta/Besan (coarse)

– 3/4 cup of water

– 2-3 crushed Cardamoms

– Oil for frying

– Few drops of saffron syrup


*To make Boondi batter:

-In a large bowl, add 1 cup of Taste for life Chana dal Atta (coarse), water, and saffron syrup. Mix it well. The batter should be of flowing consistency. Make sure there are no lumps in the batter.

*To make sugar syrup: 

-In a deep pan, add water, sugar, and a few saffron strands. Cook it on medium to low heat to achieve thread-like consistency. After that Switch off the heat and keep it aside.

*Frying of Boondi:

-Heat oil in a kadhai for deep frying. The oil should be moderately hot. Take a perforated ladle (Zara) and position it above the kadhai. (Make sure that you have one more ladle (Zara) to remove the boondi from the oil.)

-Pour a spoonful of besan batter over the perforated ladle and gently press it with another spoon so that the batter will fall into the oil through perforations.

-Fry the boondi till they turn golden. Do not over-fry the boondi otherwise, it will become crisp and will not absorb the sugar syrup.

-Drain the excess oil and transfer the fried boondi immediately into the hot sugar syrup. Make all the boondi and keep on adding them to the sugar syrup. Mix well.

-In a blending jar, add the above mixture, add little warm water, and blend it for a few seconds.

-Motichoor laddu mixture is ready. Just add cardamom and make delicious laddus. Garnish them as per your choice.

Few tips to make perfect laddus:

*Buy a ladle with small holes to make boondi

*Reheat the sugar solution if it gets cool before adding the boondi

*Do not over-fry the boondi otherwise, it will become crisp and will not absorb the sugar syrup.

*Do not over-blend the boondi mixture otherwise laddu will not hold the shape.

Last but not the least, use TFL’s Besan (coarse) because it has the perfect texture which is required for preparing Motichoor laddus.TFL’s Chana dal atta (Besan) is loaded with proteins and is a great gluten-free option too!

Prepare this yummy Motichoor laddu on the occasion of Ram Navami and relish its delectable taste with family and friends! 

Happy Ram Navami!

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