About Us

The Beginning . . .

We all remember very vividly, it was the year 1997 and the first year of our business. We then were operating from our small retail outlet in Vile Parle.

One day, a young lady customer came to buy atta with a big container in hand and said ‘please empty your 5kg atta pack in this container’.

We were surprised, and offered her our home delivery service for the same 5kg atta pack. But she got uneasy and said ‘me and my family are used to getting our wheat ground from the local chakki. But I don’t like it, as it is very unhygienic and its chapattis turn out very rough. My mother-in-law however, doesn’t trust ready-made atta brands and thinks that chapattis don’t turn out soft, and they are not worth the money. But once I tried your atta, I found it so much better than chakki ground atta. So can you please empty this pack in my container, so that I can pretend it’s from our local chakki. This would make both me and my mother-in-law satisfied, and we also would get to enjoy really soft chapattis, thanks to your brand’.

Smiling, our staff emptied the 5kg atta into the lady’s container…and she walked away happily, with a wider smile on her face than the smile she entered our outlet with.

That day, we actually found the sole purpose of our business and why we created it. And we ever since have only tried to make our customers smile wider. Now, our business has seen bigger numbers of such happy customers and we have them all over Mumbai and internationally too.