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Taste for Life Atta & Readymixes : The ultimate solution for your tiffin worries!

Taste for Life Atta & Readymixes : The ultimate solution for your tiffin worries!

Tiffin has always been the biggest concern for all of us! 

Whether it’s for kids or adults, everyone gets tired of the same chapati sabzi every day, especially if those chapatis aren’t soft! We absolutely lose interest in eating them, right?

With Taste for Life’s Wheat Atta Range, chapati remains soft for up to 12 Hrs! This remarkable feature ensures that your tiffin stays fresh and enjoyable!

For those who are on a gluten-free diet, making bhakari or millet roti in the morning rush can be daunting. Taste for Life’s Bhakari Atta Range simplifies this process, allowing anyone to roll the bhakaris as simply as making chapatis!

Moreover, these Millet Atta bhakaris remain soft for a longer time, making them perfect for carrying in a tiffin. Taste for Life’s Bhakari Atta is ground using a traditional chakki method that retains the natural taste and nutrition of the grain, ensuring delicious bhakaris that pair perfectly with any sabzi!

When it comes to kids’ tiffin, they always want something creative and interesting, putting all Mamma's creativity on point. In such a situation, Taste for Life’s amazing range of ready mixes comes to the rescue! 

From Authentic Thalipeeth Mix, and Amboli Mix to an amazing Dosa and Dhokla range, there is plenty of scope for creating wonderful recipes!

Here are some tricks to make regular tiffin interesting:

  • Handvo Appe: Using Taste for Life’s Handvo Mix you can make Veggie Appe by just adding some vegetables into the batter (prepared as per instructions written on the pack) and creating Appe using Appe pan. Taste for Life’s Handvo mix is a combination of Rice, Masoor dal, Chana dal, Toor dal, Moong dal, and Urad dal with authentic spices. It's not just healthy but tasty too!
  • Stuffed Appe: Similarly, with Taste for Life’s Amboli Mix you can make Stuffed Appe by adding potato and beetroot stuffing to give it an attractive color and texture.
  • Fun-shaped Thalipeeths: While traditional Thalipeeth may not appeal to kids, you can create them in fun shapes like stars, or mini circles! 
  • Stuffed Paratha using Methi Paratha Mix: Prepare this unique and delicious paratha without adding any spices! First, make a dough using Methi Paratha Mix and simply prepare the stuffing of paneer, cheese, and boiled potatoes. The spiced dough ensures the parathas are flavorful even if the stuffing does not spread out to the edges.

The plus point is that Taste for Life’s products contain no artificial color, flavor, or preservatives! It's safe for everyone for everyday consumption!

Whether for kids or adults, these mixes ensure that every meal is packed with flavor, nutrition, and variety, transforming their tiffin time into a delicious experience.

Try these wonderful products and make your tiffin time amazingly delicious with Taste for Life!

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