Farali Dosa Mix


Farali Dosa (Upwas dosa)

Farali Dosa is popularly consumed during fasting days. Vrat, Upawas or fasts is kept by many Hindus on auspicious festivals like Shravan, Navratri etc.
Taste for Life Farali Dosa Mix is a perfect recipe mix. It gives a correct crispy texture to each and every dosa. 200g pack makes approximately 8 to 9 dosas. Just add water, mix and make the dosa

Farali Dosa Recipe

For 1 bowl ready mix (whole pack) add 1 ½ bowl water mix well wait for 2 minutes. Apply oil on nonstick pan and heat it on high gas flame for 1 minute. Mix the batter well before making each dosa. Pour the batter on a hot pan in a circular motion from height of approximately 3 inches to make a round dosa. Roast both the sides of dosa on a medium gas flame. Serve with chutney.

Ingredients: Vari Chawal Flour, Rock Salt, Jeera Powder, Lemon Powder, Green Chilli powder, Jeera
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Farali Dosa (Upawas Dosa)


1) Tasty treat for Upwas
2) Quick and Crispy
3) No Added Colours
4) Naturally Gluten Free
5) Ready in 5 minutes

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