Premium Chapati Atta Soyabean enriched

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Ingredients :

M.P. Sihore Wheat and Soyabean

1) Made with M.P. Sihore Wheat + Soyabean.

2) 100% bran retained

3) Our atta is made after removing that outer layer of soyabean.

4) Finely ground

5) Whole Wheat flour + Soyabean atta – Called as ‘Paushtik atta’.

7) Soyabean is a good source of vegetarian protein

8) Chapati remains soft for more than 8 hours.



Taste for Life Soybean enriched wheat flour is made form MP Sihore wheat and enriched with Soyabean.

Soyabean is rich in high quality proteins and other nutrients.

It has a pleasant flavor and texture.

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