Premium Phulka Atta M.P.Sihore Wheat+Multigrain (Medium) 

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M.P Sihore Wheat + Soya + Chana + Maize + Methi + Flax Seeds

1) Made from M.P.Sihore Whole wheat, Soyabean, Chana, Maize, Barley, Methi, Flax Seed

2) Medium Ground

3) Enriched with Nutritional benefits of Seven Different Grains

4) 100% bran retained 5) Chapati remains soft for more than 8 hours

6) Wheat grain cleaned as if washed

8) Can be used for body weight management

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Taste for Life  Multigrain Atta Medium is made with 7 natural grains – Whole wheat, soya, chana, maize, barley, methi, flax seed .

Compared to any wheat Atta, multigrain atta is high in fibre which aids in digestion of food and keeps the stomach healthy.

Since it is medium grinded is used for making phulka.

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