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Gudi Padwa Special: Make Delicious Puris with TFL’s Phulka Atta

Gudi Padwa Special: Make Delicious Puris with TFL’s Phulka Atta

After the colorful celebration of Holi, Gudi padwa is one of the most awaited festivals in Maharashtra, India. It marks the beginning of the new year. Gudi Padwa or ‘Chaitra Shukla Pratipada’ is the first day of Chaitra month according to the lunisolar method of the Hindu calendar.
Gudi padwa is known by various regional names and is celebrated according to different traditions in other parts of India. It is celebrated as Ugadi among the south Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, Bihu among the Assamese of Assam region, Vaisakhi or Baisakhi among the Punjabis in Punjab,Vishu among the Malayalis in Kerala, Puthandu among the Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Cheti chand by sindhis.
The festival is linked to the mythical day on which God Brahma created time and the universe, it also signifies the arrival of spring and the reaping of the rabi crops.
Beautiful sight during Gudi Padwa is the numerous gudi arrangements in every household in Maharashtra. It is a bright colorful silk cloth tied at the top of a long stick. On top of it, neem leaves and mango leaves are attached along with a garland of marigold flowers. This arrangement is capped with a silver or copper kalash. The whole arrangement is hoisted outside each household. Other traditions include the making of colorful rangolis at entrances and doorways.

Festive food traditions around India during Gudi Padwa:

Food is an integral part of any celebration in India and preparing traditional recipes for this festival makes it more cherishable.

In Maharashtrian families, it is customary to first eat neem leaf powder with shakkar to begin this auspicious day. It’s a belief that neem has several health benefits and we should start the new year on a healthy note.The bitter-sweet taste reminds us of life’s vicissitudes. Ugadi pachadi and bevu-bella are similar kinds of traditional recipes in south Indian culture.

There are so many recipes that are special and popular like Masale bhat,Aluvadi,Kothimbir Vadi but Shrikhand Puri is special among all!

For every Maharashtrian, Gudi padwa is incomplete without delicious shrikhand and perfectly puff puris.

Here is a quick recipe to make puff puri using Taste for Life’s Phulka atta:

You must be thinking, why Taste For Life’s Phulka atta is suggested to make puri! 

The reason is, it has a medium texture which absorbs enough water to form a perfectly stiff dough for puri.

And the fact that it contains 100% bran,(Bran is an important part of wheat grain-holds various nutrients and minerals) which makes it the most healthier option.

Though the ingredients of making puri and chapati are the same, the texture and consistency of both doughs are different. Chapati dough is soft whereas puri dough is firm and tight therefore TFL’s Phulka atta is the best choice for making puri dough!


1 Cup TFL’s Phulka atta

2 tablespoons oil

Salt as per taste

Oil for deep frying


-In a mixing bowl, take 1 cup of TFL’s Phulka atta, add salt, and 1 tablespoon oil.

-Gradually add water and knead a tight dough of flour.

-Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of oil and knead again.

-Cover the dough and keep aside for 10-15 mins.

-Divide the dough into small equal portions and make dough balls.

-Roll the dough evenly into circles that are neither too thin nor thick.

-Heat oil in a kadai.

-Fry one puri at a time in medium-heated oil and turn over when puffing up.

-Transfer the fried puri to a kitchen paper napkin.

-Serve this tasty and puffy puris with shrikhand.

-It can be served with the Punjabi traditional dish Pindi Chana or chole too.

Here are few tips to make the best puris :

*Make sure the puri dough is tight and stiff

*Do not dust the puri with flour while rolling because these particles will burn in hot oil

*Grease the rolling pin with oil before rolling.

*The puri should roll out evenly otherwise it will not puff.

Enjoy Gudi Padwa with your family and friends with these delicious puff puris made from Taste for Life’s Phulka atta. Serve it along with shrikhand, Pindi Chana or chole. 

Cook healthy, Eat healthy & stay healthy…

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Gudi Padwa from the Taste for Life family!

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