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Bajari Atta

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives. Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta is crafted with carefully sourced, finest quality Bajari. -The natural Chakki-Grinding process is used for manufacturing this Gluten-free Atta to retain its freshness and nutritional...

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives.

 Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta
is crafted with carefully sourced, finest quality Bajari.

-The natural Chakki-Grinding process is used for manufacturing this Gluten-free Atta to retain its freshness and nutritional value.

-Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta/ Bajra flour is available in 500 gm packaging.

No preservatives are added to extend its shelf life.

Why Do We Recommend Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta?

-The unique feature of our Bajari/Pearl Millet Atta is that you can easily roll the bhakari out of it, just like chapati.

- Bhakari made from Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta stays soft for a longer period of time.

- It is Gluten-free and serves as the best alternative for gluten-sensitive individuals.

- Authentic taste that will elevate your everyday meal.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nisha Patel
Soft and flavorful rotis.

The atta's texture is perfect, resulting in soft and flavorful rotis that have become a family favorite.

Arjun Mehta
Excited to continue exploring the diverse offerings from Taste for Life.

From the first bite, you can tell that this atta is something special.

Results are consistently satisfying.

The inherent nutritional benefits of bajra, combined with the impeccable taste and texture of this atta, make it a winner.

It's a 5-star rating from me!

As a health-conscious consumer, the nutritional benefits of bajra make this atta a smart choice.

Must buy

The flour is just perfect and tasty. The dough doesn't crack while you flatten it.



Additional Receipe


In 2 portions of Bajari atta add 1½ portion of water. Knead the mixture well to make a soft dough. Take a round dough ball and spread it round with belan (rolling pin) put it on hot pan spread handful of water on top of the bhakari just enough to make it wet. After the water dries turn the bhakari and roast it on the other side 500g makes approximately 8-10 bhakari.


1.What is Bajra/Bajari Atta?

- Bajra/Bajari Atta is made with the Millet called Bajari, also known as Pearl Millet.

2. How to make Bajara Flour?

-At Taste for Life, a Natural Chakki-Grinding Process is used to make a Bajara Atta from the finest quality Bajari millet.

3. What are the benefits of Taste for Life’s Bajari/Bajra Atta?

- You can easily roll the bhakari using Taste for Life’s Bajari flour. The standout feature of this Atta is that the bhakari stays soft for an extended period.

 4. Is Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta good for weight loss?

- Bajari millet contains a good amount of dietary fiber, which plays a crucial role in promoting satiety and curbing overeating tendencies, thus helping in weight management.

5. What are the other names for Bajara?

The English name for Bajara is pearl Millet and in Tamil, it is known as Kambu.

6. What are the health benefits of Bajare ka Atta?

Bajara can be considered a natural superfood. It is loaded with a high amount of dietary fiber which keeps us satiated for a longer time and helps in weight management. With its low Glycemic Index, Bajara Atta helps to control blood sugar spikes, contributing to diabetes management.

7. How much does Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta cost?

- The cost of Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta 500g pack is 55 Rupees.

8. Where can I buy Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta?

Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta is available at our two stores located at Vile Parle and Borivali. You can also purchase it from other retail stores that sell Taste for Life’s Bajari Atta.

Click on the link to learn about other retail stores.

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9. How can I buy Taste for Life’s Bajara Atta Online?

- You can purchase Taste for Life’s entire product range from our official website and on Amazon.

Click here

10. Who Should not eat Bajara?

- The Millet Bajara is considered a healthy food, but if you are advised not to eat it by your dietician, you can completely avoid it.

11.Is Bajara Roti heavy to digest?

- No it is not heavy to digest.

12. Which roti is most healthy?

- It is observed that all types of millet roti are healthy and carry essential nutrients.

13. Is Bajara Atta gluten-free?

- All Millet Atta’s are gluten-free, including Bajara.

14. Which is better Oats or Bajara?

- Both are healthy and carry a different set of nutritive values.

15. Which is better in winter Bajara or Jawar?

- Both Millets are nutritious but Bajara is the most preferred millet during winter.

16. Which roti is best? Wheat or Bajara?

-Both grains have their different sets of nutritional benefits and can be considered the best. Roti’s made from these Atta’s can be consumed according to an individual’s dietary needs and health goals.

17. Can diabetics eat Bajara roti?

-Yes, diabetics can consume Bajara roti as part of their meals. It has a low Glycemic Index, which means it can help manage blood sugar levels. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor or dietician to achieve your dietary goals.  

Bajari Atta
500 g - Rs. 55.00
  • 500 g - Rs. 55.00

Bajari Atta

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