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Chapati Atta Soyabean enriched

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12 hrs softness | 100% Bran | 15% more chapatis | 3 Step cleaning process | No preservatives. -Taste for Life’s Soyabean enriched Wheat Flour combines the finest quality soybean and M.P.Sihore Whole Wheat to provide a nutritious blend. -This...

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  • 12 hrs softness | 100% Bran | 15% more chapatis | 3 Step cleaning process | No preservatives.

  • -Taste for Life’s Soyabean enriched Wheat Flour combines the finest quality soybean and M.P.Sihore Whole Wheat to provide a nutritious blend.

    -This Soyabean enriched Wheat Flour /Soya Wheat Flour is produced as per the traditional chakki-grinding process to maintain freshness & nutritional value of the ingredients.

    -This unique blend offers the benefits of high dietary fiber and protein, which can be a wholesome addition to your everyday meal.

    -The size of this Soyabean Enriched Wheat Atta is Finely ground.

    -Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Soyabean Enriched Wheat Flour is available in two size packs: 1kg & 5kg

     Why do we recommend Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Soyabean enriched Whole Wheat Atta?

    Combined goodness of Soyabean and Whole Wheat in every bite

    - Soyabean contains high amount of protein, and fiber, whereas bran of Wheat grain contains essential vitamins and minerals. Including this Paushtik Atta in your daily meals can enhance the overall nutrition of your daily diet.

    Soya Flour Roti stays soft for more than 8 hours

    -Roti made from Taste for Life’s Soyabean enriched Wheat Atta does not turn dry and remains soft. Additionally, the texture of this soya-enriched roti remains soft for more than 8 hours.

    Soya enriched Wheat Atta absorbs more water

    -Atta absorbs more water resulting in a 15% increase in the no. of chapatis made, equivalent to additional 50 chapatis in a month.

    The grains used are cleaned as if washed

    - Soyabean & Wheat Grain used are thoroughly cleaned as if washed. Additionally, the dust/powder from the creases of the wheat grain is removed by vacuum during the cleaning process, ensuring this nutritious chapati Atta is highly hygienic for consumption.


Customer Reviews

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Saylee Nandavadekar
Best quality flour

It is very good quality flour. I have been a customer of test for life since 2015. Even before I used to order from Vileparle. Now in Goregaon it is available in nearby stores. And I am very happy to know that you are now online. Wish u all the best...👍🏻

Highly recommend it!

I recently tried Taste for Life's Wheat+Soybean Atta, and I must say I'm impressed! The combination of wheat and soybean not only adds a unique flavor but also boosts the protein content

Healthier Rotis Without Sacrificing Taste

It's a fantastic way to incorporate soyabean into your diet without sacrificing taste.

My Family Loves It

My family loves the soft and tasty rotis it produces. Plus, knowing that we're getting the benefits of soyabean in our diet makes me feel great as a parent. It's a win-win!

Good for Health-Conscious Individuals

As someone who's health-conscious, I appreciate the effort Taste for Life has put into creating this Wheat+Soyabean Atta. The texture is nice, and it's easy to make soft rotis


M.P. Sihore Wheat and Soyabean.

Additional Receipe



1) What is Soya Wheat Flour and how it is different from regular Wheat Flour?

- Regular Wheat Flour is produced using only Whole Wheat grain whereas in Soya Wheat Flour Wheat Atta is fortified with Soyabean to increase the nutrition and enhance the taste of the Atta.

2) What are the health benefits of Soya Wheat Flour Chapati?

-Soya-enriched Wheat Flour can be a good source of dietary fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and other
nutrients. It helps to maintain good gut health and improves bone health. Including Soya Wheat Atta in your diet helps to increase the overall nutrition in your daily meals.

3) Which is the best brand for Soya Wheat Flour Chapati Atta?

-If you want your Chapati to stay soft for more than 8 hours, Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s Chapati Atta
is the best among all.

4) Can Soya Wheat Flour be used by people with gluten intolerance?

- No, it contains gluten.

5) How to make Roti using Soya Wheat Flour?

- Soya Wheat Flour chapati can be made the same way as we make chapati using regular Wheat Flour.

6) How to store Soya Wheat Flour for optimal freshness?

- Do not mix the old and new Atta together and Refrigerate the Atta after opening the Atta pack for
optimal freshness.

7) Can Soya Wheat Flour (Soya Atta) be used as a substitute for regular wheat flour in making chapatis?

- Yes, it can be used as a substitute for regular wheat flour as it contains good quality protein.

8) Is Soya Wheat Flour suitable for individuals looking for healthy options?

- Yes, Soyabean Enriched Wheat Atta contains
the combined goodness of Soyabean and Wheat Grain which are good sources of protein and dietary fiber.

9) Is Soya enriched roti good for weight loss?

- Yes, it can be a good option for weight management.

Chapati Atta Soyabean enriched
1 kg - Rs. 99.00
  • 1 kg - Rs. 99.00
  • 5 kg - Rs. 490.00

Chapati Atta Soyabean enriched

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