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Mix Bhakari Atta

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives.Taste for Life’s Mix Millet/Mix Bhakari Atta is a nutritional blend of Jawari, Bajari, Nachani, Udad Dal, and Methi Seeds. -This Mix Millet Atta is produced using the traditional Chakki...

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives.

Taste for Life’s Mix Millet/Mix Bhakari Atta
is a nutritional blend of Jawari, Bajari, Nachani, Udad Dal, and Methi Seeds.

-This Mix Millet Atta is produced using the traditional Chakki Grinding Method to retain its freshness and nutritional value.

-It is available in 500 gm packaging.

-No preservatives or colors are added to this Multi-Millet Mix.

Why do we recommend Taste for Life’s Mix Millet Atta?

-Taste for Life’s Mix Millet Atta offers an authentic earthy taste that adds flavor to the overall dining experience.

-The standout feature of Taste for Life’s Millet Atta is the ease with which you can roll the bhakaris, just like chapatis. However, it will help you to prepare your meal in a quick and easy way.

-It is gluten-free and serves as the best alternative for those with gluten sensitivity.

-Bhakari/Roti made from this Atta retains its softness for an extended duration.


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The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Taste for Life Mix Bhakri Atta embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Wholesome Goodness for the Entire Family

Our family loves the wholesome goodness of Taste for Life Mix Bhakri Atta. It has become a staple on our dining table. The nutritional value combined with the delicious taste ensures that every meal is not just a feast for the taste buds but also a nourishing experience.

Adventure in Every Bite

This mix has taken my culinary adventures to a whole new level! The combination of flours creates a rich, nutty flavor that adds depth to every bite.

Modern Convenience

As someone who values both tradition and convenience, this atta blend strikes the perfect balance.

Thanks Taste for Life!

I recently tried the Mix Bhakri Atta from Taste for Life, and I have to say it has become an absolute favorite in my kitchen. The blend of different flours in this atta creates a unique and delightful taste that stands out from regular bhakri atta.


Jawari, Bajari, Nachani, Udad & Methi.

Additional Receipe


In 2 portions of Mix Bhakari atta add 1½ portion of water. Knead the mixture well to make a soft dough. Take a round dough ball and spread it round with belan (rolling pin) put it on hot pan spread handful of water on top of the bhakari just enough to make it wet. After the water dries turn the bhakari and roast it on the other side 500g makes approximately 8-10 bhakari


1)Which is the best brand for Mix Bhakari Atta?

- There are many brands available in the market, but Taste for Life’s Mix Bhakari Atta is the best as it is made with the finest quality ingredients.

2)Where can I buy Taste for Life’s Mix Bhakari Atta online?

- You can purchase taste for Life’s Mix Bhakari Atta online through our official website and on Amazon.

Click here

3)Is there a store near me that sells Mix Bhakari Atta?

- Our entire product range is available at our two stores located at Vile Parle and Borivali. Click on the link to learn more about other retail shops that sell our products.

Click here

4)What is the traditional preparation method for Mix Bhakari Atta?

The traditional method involves combining different grains in proportional quantities and ground them using the Chakki Grinding Technique.

5)Is there a Gluten-free Mix Bhakari Atta available?

-Yes, Taste for Life’s Authentic Mix Bhakari Atta is gluten-free.

6)What are the nutritional benefits of Mix Bhakari Atta?

-Taste for Life’s Mix Bhakari Atta offers a wide range of nutritional benefits. A combination of Jowar, Bajara, and Nachani enhances the nutritional value of the Bhakari, making it a wholesome option.

High fiber content aids in digestion and promotes good bowel movement. Consuming Mix Millet Bhakari provides a feeling of fullness and can be the ideal choice for weight management. It has a low Glycemic Index which helps manage diabetes.

7)What are the ingredients in Multigrain Bhakari Atta?

- Taste for Life’s Multigrain Atta is made using selected ingredients including, Jawari, Bajari, Nachani,Udad, and Methi.

8)Can we eat Multigrain Atta daily?

- Yes, consuming Multigrain Atta daily can be a healthy choice. However, it is advisable to consult your dietician before making any significant changes in your diet.

9)How many types of Bhakari Atta are there?

-Taste for Life offers a wide range of Nutritious Bhakari Atta such as Jawari Atta, Bajari Atta, Nachani /Ragi Atta, Rice Atta, Makai Atta, and Mix Bhakari Atta.

10)What is Multi Millet Mix Atta made of?

-Multi Millet Mix Atta is a blend of multiple nutritious millets including Jawari, Bajari, and Nachani.

11) Do you have a quick and easy recipe for Bhakari?

- You can easily roll the bhakari just like chapati using Taste for Life’s Bhakari Atta. It makes the bhakari-making process quick and hassle-free.

12)Is Multigrain Roti easy to digest?

- Yes, Dietary fiber present in Multigrain Atta aids in
digestion and promotes regular bowel movements. It is advised to consult your dietician if you have any digestive concerns before making any changes in your diet.

 13)What is the price of Taste for Life’s Mix Bhakari

- The price of Mix Bhakari Atta is 74 rupees for a 500 g size pack.

Mix Bhakari Atta
500 g - Rs. 74.00
  • 500 g - Rs. 74.00

Mix Bhakari Atta

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