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M.P.Sihore Wheat Phulka Atta (Medium)

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12 hrs softness | 100% Bran | 15% more chapatis | 3 Step cleaning process | No preservatives. Finest quality Sharbati Wheat is procured from the Sihore and similar regions of Madhya Pradesh for producing Taste for Life’s medium Phulka...

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  • 12 hrs softness | 100% Bran | 15% more chapatis | 3 Step cleaning process | No preservatives.
  • Finest quality Sharbati Wheat is procured from the Sihore and similar regions of Madhya Pradesh for producing Taste for Life’s medium Phulka Wheat Atta.
  • This Phulka Wheat Flour is processed as per the traditional chakki-grinding process to maintain the freshness & nutritional value of the ingredients.
  • Taste for Life’s Wheat Phulka Atta has a perfect texture that is not too fine or not too coarse but of medium size.
  • The size of the Wheat Bran is adjusted according to the medium size of the Atta.
  • Taste for Life’s Premium Whole Wheat Phulka Atta is available in two size packs: 1kg & 5kg

Why do we recommend Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s premium M.P.Sihore Phulka Atta(Medium)?
Phulka roti stays soft for more than 8 hrs:
Small and underdeveloped grains are removed and only fully grown grains are passed for the chakki grinding process.
Since the size of the Bran is adjusted according to the type of Atta, Phulka made from this Atta will remain soft for more than 8 hrs.
The wheat grain used is cleaned as if washed:
The wheat grain used for the preparation of Phulka Atta is thoroughly cleaned as if washed. Additionally, the dust/powder from the creases of the wheat grain is removed by vacuum during the cleaning process, ensuring the Whole Wheat Phulka Atta is highly hygienic for consumption.
Bran-rich Phulka Atta absorbs more water:
100% Bran-rich Phulka Flour absorbs more water resulting in a 15% increase in the number of Phulkas made.


Customer Reviews

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Samita Shetty

Very Happy with the product, I was finding it difficult to place order on your web page. Please look into it. Please make your products available in more stores in south Mimbai

It is a nice product

I have tried many brands , actually very big brands but their product is very very rough or coarse as compared to Taste for Life by Deshpande and the rotis made with other brands were like paper or papad and used to dry up in no time. Chapatis made with this flour stay soft for a very long time. I am happy to mention this.

Healthy Atta

very good quality, nice packing

aakash pawar
Nice product

Mostly one will find all types of atta....

very good quality

Healthy Atta of all types


M.P.Sihore whole wheat.

Additional Receipe



1)How many Phulka rotis you can make using Taste for Life’s 1 kg Phulka Atta?

- You can make 60-65 Phulka rotis using Taste for Life’s M.P.Sihore (Medium) Phulka Wheat Atta.

2) What is the price of Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s 1kg & 5kg Phulka Atta packs?

- Deshpande’s Taste for Life’s M.P.Sihore Phulka Atta(Medium) costs: 1 Kg: Rs 96 /- 5Kg: Rs 475/-

3) Can I find Phulka Atta near me? Where I can get it online?

- Our products including Chapati/Bhakari Atta &
Ready-mixes are available at our two shops located at Vile Parle & Borivali. Also, you can purchase them online on our website or through Amazon in India.

Click here

4)What is the tip for making soft Phulka?

- The most imp tip to make the softest Phulka is to use Taste for Life’s Phulka Atta. The size of the
Atta is ground accordingly to get the best authentic taste and flavor.

5)What is wheat Phulka?

-Wheat Phulkas are nothing but Phulkas made with Whole Wheat Flour.

6)What is the difference between chapati and Phulka?

-Texture or the size of the Atta is different for Chapati & Phulka. Also, the preparation methods are
different for both Chapati and Phulka. Chapati is thin and cooked on a griddle or tawa, Phulkas are prepared with a similar method but undergo an additional method of puffing on a direct flame.

7)What is Phulka Flour and how it is different from regular flour?

-Phulka Flour is prepared from Whole Wheat Grain just like Chapati Flour. The only difference is the texture/Size of the Phulka Flour is different from the regular Chapati Atta. Phulka Atta is grounded to the medium size while the Chapati Atta is grounded to the Fine size.

8)How to keep Phulkas fresh for a longer time?

-After making Phulkas, allow them to cool completely before storing them in a roti box. A Phulka made from Taste for Life Phulka Atta stays soft for more than 8 hrs once it is made.

9)Is Phulka made of Wheat?

-Yes, it is made of Whole Wheat Atta.

10)Is Phulka Roti Healthy?

- Yes, Phulkas can be considered healthy as it is made using Whole Wheat Flour which contains all three parts of the Wheat grain: Bran, Germ & Endosperm. It is a good source of fiber, vitamins &

M.P.Sihore Wheat Phulka Atta (Medium)
1 Kg - Rs. 96.00
  • 1 Kg - Rs. 96.00
  • 5 kg - Rs. 475.00

M.P.Sihore Wheat Phulka Atta (Medium)

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