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Makai Atta

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives. Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is crafted using carefully selected golden-yellow maize grain, procured from the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The traditional Chakki Grinding Method is followed...

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Can easily roll the bhakari | Gluten Free | No preservatives.

  • Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is crafted using carefully selected golden-yellow maize grain, procured from the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
  • The traditional Chakki Grinding Method is followed during the Makai Atta preparation.
  • It is available for 58 Rupees for a 500 gm packet size.
  • Each 500 gm pack size yields approximately 8-10 delicious Bhakaris/ Rotis.

 Why do we recommend Taste for Life’s Makai Atta?

  • Enjoy effortless kneading and rolling of Bhakaris using Taste for Life’s Makai Atta.
  • Bhakari or Roti made using this Atta remain soft for an extended duration, allowing you to enjoy them even when packed for tiffin.
  • The taste and flavor of Makai Atta is traditional and authentic.
  • Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is free from preservatives and artificial colors.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anita M
The taste is rich and satisfying

the results are consistently delicious. The packaging is practical and keeps the Makai Atta fresh.

Priya singh
Taste for Life Makai Atta is a culinary gem!

From rotis to corn-based desserts, the results are consistently amazing. The fine texture of the flour ensures a soft and flavorful outcome.

Maya R
I highly recommend

From chapatis to corn muffins, this maize flour delivers a burst of flavor that's unmatched. highly recommend it to anyone looking to infuse their meals with the true essence of maize.

Aisha N
I recently switched to Taste for Life Makai Atta

It has transformed the way I perceive maize flour. The taste is bold, making my homemade tortillas and cornbread stand out

Sarah T
What sets Taste for Life Makai Atta apart is its freshness.

The aroma that fills the kitchen while cooking with it is simply irresistible. The packaging ensures that the maize flour stays fresh for an extended period, maintaining its flavor profile.



Additional Receipe


In 2 portions of Makai atta add 1½ portion of water. | Knead the mixture well to make a soft dough. | Take a round dough ball and spread it round with belan (rolling pin) put it on hot pan spread handful of water on top of the bhakari just enough to make it wet. | After the water dries turn the bhakari and roast it on the other side. 500g makes approximately 8-10 bhakari.


1. What is Makai Atta?

- It is a type of flour made from yellow corn/maize. “Makke di roti” made from Makai Atta is famous and widely consumed, especially in the northern parts of India.

2. What is the difference between Corn Flour/Corn Starch and Maize Flour?

- Corn Flour/Corn Starch is derived from only the endosperm part of the corn kernel, whereas Maize flour or “Makke ka atta” is produced by utilizing the entire corn kernel.

3.What is the price of 1 Kg ‘Makai ka Atta’?

-Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is only available in 500gm pack size for Rupees 58. Thus, 1 kg Atta will cost you around 116 Rupees.

4. Where can I buy Maize flour near me?

- Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is available at our two stores located at Borivali and Vile Parle. You can also purchase it from other retail stores that sell our products.

Please follow the link for store information.

Click here

5. Is corn flour gluten-free?

- Yes, it is gluten-free.

6. What is the English name for Makki Ka Atta?

- In English Terms, Makke Ka Atta is commonly referred to as “Maize Flour”, and it is used in the preparation of Bhakari or roti.

7. What are the health benefits of Maize Flour?

- Maize is rich in carbohydrates and provides instant energy, making it a valuable part of an active lifestyle.

8. Can we eat Makki roti every day?

- You can enjoy Makki Roti as a part of your diet, but whether you consume it every day or not depends on your dietary goals and personal preferences.

9.Is Makki Atta yellow or white?

- Makki Atta comes in both yellow and white colors. The color of The Atta depends on the maize used for producing the atta. However, Taste for Life Makki Atta is made using yellow maize grains, resulting in a nice yellowish-golden color.

10. Which state is famous for Makke ki Roti?

- It is a traditional dish of Punjab, often paired with sarson da saag.

11. Which is the best Makai Atta Brand?

-There are many brands available in the market but Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is the best in terms of both quality and taste.

12. Where can I Find Makai Atta Online?

- Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is available on our official website and on Amazon. Please click on the link for purchase.

Click here

13. Are corn flour and Ararot the same?

- Corn flour and Ararot are not the same, both are derived from different sources. However, they are often used for similar purposes in cooking.

14. Is Taste for Life Makai Atta available in 100g, 200g, 50g, 250g?

-Taste for Life’s Makai Atta is available in 500g pack size only.

15. What is Corn Flour called in Hindi?

- Taste for Life’s Maize flour is called “Makai ka Atta” in Hindi.

16. What are the popular recipes of Makai ka atta?

- “Makai ka Atta” is a versatile ingredient used in various regional recipes which includes, Makai ki Roti, Bhakari, Makai Paratha, Makai Thepla, Makai Cheela, and many more.

Makai Atta
500 g - Rs. 58.00
  • 500 g - Rs. 58.00

Makai Atta

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