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What We Assure You

What We Stand For

The Taste for Life Logo comprises mainly of a Triangle which denotes our stress on three important principles: Health, Taste & Convenience.

We, at Taste for Life, believe that all three principles are important at the same time for the customers to enjoy the product, and give them the right nutrition, conveniently in their busylife.

The Triangle also denotes stability at the base and progress upwards for all associated with Taste for Life.

The Golden Yellow Color denotes the freshness of the rising Sun, which signifies a new beginning, fresh ideas, and warmth.

How we ensure Health, Taste & Convenience through our products


  • Only the highest quality raw material is purchased.
  • Grain-Grading and Cleaning Plant to ensure only fully grown, top-quality raw material for production.
  • Even the dust from the creases of the grain is cleaned.
  • 100% wheat bran and germ is retained during the Atta Grinding Process for essential vitamins and minerals.
  • No added preservatives, or colors in any of Taste for Life products.
  • Strict implementation of Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) during storage, cleaning, handling, production, packing, transportation, and housekeeping.
  • A well-equipped quality control lab to perform Physical, Chemical & Microbial testing of raw materials, finished products, workers’ hygiene, equipment, and machinery.


  • It is the food that nourishes the body, but it is the taste that touches the soul!
  • To make sure you get tasty products, we’ve taken several measures:
    • Full-fledged Research & Development Department that ensures authentic traditional Indian taste.
    • Continual research and feedback to identify further potential improvement.
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Department to check each batch for the desired Taste.
    • Improvement in the packaging of the product to ensure a good barrier to preserve the aroma.


  • Taste for Life’s Bhakari Atta range has a unique quality that allows you to roll the bhakari just like chapati.
  • Chapatis, Phulkas, and Rotis made from Taste for Life Atta stay soft for more than 8 hrs. So, chapatis made in the morning can be enjoyed for dinner as well.
  • Taste for Life’s Readymix range allows customers, both men & women, to prepare delectable Dosas, Dhoklas, Laddoos, and many other recipes in a few minutes with the most authentic taste.

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