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Finding it difficult to manage a nutritious diet?

Finding it difficult to manage a nutritious diet?

In our fast-paced lives, managing a nutritious diet can be quite a challenge. 

Every family has picky eaters who only eat selected veggies and often lack nutrition in their diet. 

Taste for Life has a perfect fix for this concern with its Wheat Atta variants like Methi enriched, Nachani enriched, Multigrain, and soyabean enriched Wheat Atta.

Since Roti or chapati is a daily staple, we can easily incorporate these nutritious flours into our meals to get the daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Let’s explore Wholesome Wheat Atta Variants from Taste for Life 

Methi-enriched Wheat Atta:

Ingredient: Combination of Methi seeds and whole wheat grain

Benefits: Methi seeds help in reducing bad cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels.

Including this atta helps in incorporating the goodness of methi seeds along with MP Sihore wheat.

Nachani-enriched wheat atta: 

Ingredient: Whole wheat atta enriched with Nachani (Finger millet)

Benefits: Nachani is a powerhouse of calcium and iron thus introducing Nachani enriched wheat Atta into our diet helps to incorporate these nutrients.

Nachani-enriched whole wheat Atta enhances the overall nutrition profile of the atta contributing to better bone health. 

Soybean-enriched wheat atta: 

Ingredients: Wheat Atta enriched with soybean 

Benefits: Soybean is a good source of protein, and helps in weight management

Adding soyabean to wheat increases the overall protein content of the atta which ultimately boosts the nutritional value of our diet

Multigrain wheat atta: 

Ingredient: Multigrain wheat atta is a combination of Soyabean, Chana, Maize, Barley, Methi seeds, and Flax seeds along with MP Sihore Sharbati Wheat.

Benefits: Each ingredient provides a different set of nutrients which makes this chapati atta a right option for a balanced diet.

Traditional Chakki Grinding Method

At Taste for Life, the atta is manufactured using the traditional chakki grinding method to maintain the natural taste, nutrition, and freshness of the atta. 

This process retains 100% bran, preserving the natural nutrients present in each grain.

The atta absorbs more water and the chapatis made from this atta remain soft and delicious for up to 8-12 hrs.

Taste for Life’s Atta variant provides a different set of nutrients, allowing you to customize your pantry for a nutritional diet. These Atta variants not only add variety to your meals but are also a significant step toward a healthier lifestyle!

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