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Taste for Life’s Authentic Atta Range for crafting Chapati, Puri, and Phulka!

Taste for Life’s Authentic Atta Range for crafting Chapati, Puri, and Phulka!

In Indian food culture Chapati, Phulka, and Puri are the center of every meal, and in preparing these delicious and essential dishes lies a key ingredient – Wheat Flour!

But here's the thing, the characteristic that influences the texture, taste, and overall quality of the dish is the coarseness of the flour. It is like the magic touch that decides the authenticity or taste of our Chapatis or Phulkas. 

Based on that, Taste for Life introduces the Premium Atta Range, which is specially designed for Chapatis, Phulkas, and Puris, aiming to simplify our culinary journey! 

Get a sneak peek into the delicious Atta Range:

MP Sihore Fine Atta for Softest Chapatis

Chapatis are the everyday delights that require finely ground Atta for perfect softness. The finer the Atta, the softest the chapatis become! 

Taste for Life’s M.P. Sihore Atta is crafted from the best quality Sharbati wheat, finely ground for making soft chapatis. 

The standout point of this Atta is that it absorbs more water and chapatis remain soft for up to 8-12 hours. 

MP Sihore Medium Atta for fluffy Puris and Phulkas

For Phulkas and Puris, medium ground Atta is essential to achieve proper texture or crispness.

Taste for Life’s Medium ground Atta is specially designed for making Puri and Phulkas, ensuring the ideal texture of these delights.

Multigrain Chapati Atta for Nutritional Goodness

It is presumed that chapatis made from Multigrain Atta become dry or tasteless. But now we can enjoy nutritious chapatis with ultimate taste and softness.

Taste for Life’s Multigrain Atta is a finely ground, nutritious blend of Soya, Chana, Maize, Barley, Methi, and Flax Seeds along with MP. Sihore Wheat. 

It will not only enhance the overall nutrition of your everyday meal but also promises an amazing taste!

Multigrain Phulka Atta for Delicious Multigrain Puris and Phulkas

Phulkas are a household staple, and preparing authentic phulkas demands coarser flour.

Taste for Life’s Multigrain Phulka Atta is packed with the same Nutritious ingredients just like Multigrain Chapati Atta. It features a coarse or medium ground texture, making it suitable for delicious Multigrain Puri and phulka. 

It is an ideal choice for balancing health without compromising on taste.

These variants are not just flour, they are essential ingredients that promise softness, crispiness, and nutritional goodness of our Phulkas & Chapatis.

Give them a try and celebrate your every meal with the right coarseness for the right delight with Taste for Life!

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