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Introducing Taste for Life’s Irresistible Readymix Range!

Introducing Taste for Life’s Irresistible Readymix Range!

In today’s hustle and bustle, traditional cooking can often take a backseat to our busy schedule! Though we get very little time to cook, the taste matters the most!

When we talk about ready mixes, convenience often comes with the cost of health and taste. To overcome this dilemma Taste for Life introduces a wholesome range of ready mixes, from traditional breakfast options to crispy dosas, fluffy dhoklas, festive delights, and fasting-friendly treats, we have got something for every occasion!

But that’s not all, our ready mixes come with some unique features!

*Authentic Taste:

Each readymix is designed to give you an authentic taste experience! For instance, our Methi Paratha Mix mirrors the traditional taste found in Gujarati households while our Rava Idli captures the essence of ones served in Udupi restaurants. Similarly, our Thalipeeth Mix has an authentic Maharashtrian taste!

The goal is to ensure you get a genuine and familiar taste in every meal.

*Simplified preparation method:

We understand that a busy schedule leaves little room for a complicated cooking process. That’s why, we have simplified the preparation part of our readymixes.

With Simple and easy-to-follow instructions on the pack, anyone can cook these delicious recipes!

*No preservatives:

At Taste for Life, we are committed to using only the best quality ingredients! We do not use any preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors! The shelf life of the product is achieved through different techniques which include controlling moisture in every step during manufacturing!

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best taste without compromising on your health and nutrition. 

Now, let’s explore a mouthwatering range of our ready mixes!

Breakfast Range: Designed to start your day on a delicious note!

With options like Methi Paratha Mix, Masala Upma Mix, Rava Idli Mix, Amboli Mix, and traditional options such as Handvo Mix, and Thalipeeth Mix, you’ll have a variety of tasty choices!  

If you need a meal on the go, these mixes are perfect for packing in a tiffin while traveling.

Dosa Range – For enjoying crispy and tasty South’s style dosas in your kitchen!

We have recreated the authentic South Indian taste, the same as served at any South Indian restaurant.

The Dosa range includes Rava dosa, Rice dosa, nutritious Millet dosa, and Multigrain dosa, ideal for a relaxing weekend breakfast or dinner!


Upwas Range- For enjoying upwas meals!

Upwas ready mixes such as Thalipeeth Mix, and Farali Dosa mix are crafted using fasting-friendly ingredients Vari Chawal, Rajgeera, Sabudana, and Peanuts, these mixes keep you energized during your fasting periods!


Dhokla Range- For a soft and fluffy dhokla treat!

The Dhokla mix range features options such as Moong Dal Dhokla, Khaman Dhokla, and White Dhokla. The taste and texture of these dhoklas will keep you craving for more!


Festive Range: Make every occasion special with our Laddu mixes!

To celebrate Indian festivities with ease, Taste for Life has a wide range of festive Ready mixes!

From traditional Besan Laddu Mix, and Kesaryukt Modak Atta Mix, to nutritious Moong Dal Laddu, and Pancharatan Laddu Mix, each offering a delectable taste experience!

It does include savory treats like Khasta Shankarpale and Chakali Readymix for a flavorful twist!


So why wait? Give a try to these delicious mixes without a second thought! We’re confident that once you experience the taste and convenience of Taste for Life Readymixes, they will become your everyday essentials!


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