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Methi Paratha Mix: An Essential Addition to Every Kitchen

Methi Paratha Mix: An Essential Addition to Every Kitchen

With a golden brown glaze and a hint of Methi Leaves, it emits an irresistible aroma of spices while it roasts. We can enjoy it piping hot alongside a dollop of creamy yogurt or tangy pickles. It’s a dish that is sure to evoke our memories of childhood days! Yes, we are talking about those mouth-watering Methi Parathas!

To enjoy the exact taste every time, Taste for Life brings you the Methi Paratha Readymix. 

This readymix combines the goodness of Methi leaves, Whole Wheat Flour, roasted Ajwain, and Til (sesame seeds) with flavorful spices, all without any preservatives and artificial flavors.

When we make parathas using this readymix, the taste and crunch of roasted Ajwain and Til are so satisfying that we might end up eating four or more without even realizing it. 

Moreover, this mix not only simplifies the process of making Methi parathas but also opens up many culinary possibilities.

Here are some other delightful recipes that we can make using this Methi Paratha Mix:

Methi Puris: A spicy twist to the regular Puris!

Step by Step Instruction-
Knead a dough as per the instructions on the Methi Paratha Mix pack. 

Roll small Puris out of it and fry until they turn golden brown.

Pair these mouth-watering Puris with your favorite accompaniment for a flavorful treat!


Methi Fingers: Chatpata touch to your regular fries!

Methi Fingers are a super delicious snack option that you can prepare easily at home using Methi Paratha Readymix. 


Step-by-step Instructions-
Take 1 measure of Methi Paratha Mix (200 gm pack).

Add 1/4th measure curd, 2 tablespoons of oil, and salt to taste. 

Gradually incorporate water into the mixture.

Coat the mixture with 2 tsp of oil.

Spread a thick layer of this mixture on a greased plate. Then, steam cook for about 15 minutes. Once cooled, cut it into finger-like shapes and shallow fry.

Enjoy these crunchy Methi fingers with hummus or your favorite accompaniment.
Check out the full recipe video here! :- Link 

Stuffed Parathas: For a flavorful tiffin time!

Stuffed paratha is yet another recipe you can prepare using Methi Paratha Mix.

Step-by-step Instructions- 

For the outer covering of parathas- Prepare dough as per the instructions  written on the Methi Paratha pack. 

For stuffing – Boil and smash potatoes, then add some salt, green chilies, paneer, and cheese. Mix everything well. 

Roll out the parathas, and stuff them with a prepared mixture.

The best thing is that the covering has all the spices, so parathas will taste delicious even if the stuffing does not spread to all the edges while rolling.

Roast the Parathas with some ghee and relish them with curd, pickle, or green chutney!

From traditional Methi Parathas to innovative recipes like Methi Fingers and Stuffed Parathas, Taste for Life’s Methi Paratha Ready Mix  brings convenience without compromising on taste!

It’s truly a kitchen essential!
Check out the full recipe video here! :- Link 

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