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Tiffin Ideas for your little ones!

Crafting a nutritious and delicious tiffin for your kids can be easy with Taste for Life’s amazing Range of Ready mixes.
Here are some simple ideas to make their tiffin time exciting!

Thalipeeth in creative shapes:

While Traditional Thalipeeth might not always appeal to the kids, shaping them into mini circles,
stars, hearts, or animals, not only looks adorable but also adds a fun element
to their tiffin.

Taste for Life’s Thalipeeth Mix, containing 12 different grains, ensures a healthy and
nutritious tiffin option.

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Assorted Dhokla Mixes:

Crafting a child's tiffin feels like a daunting task.

We can simplify this process with Taste for Life’s amazing range of Dhoklas.

From Classic Khaman Dhoklas to the Wholesome White Dhokla and Protein-packed Moong Dal Dhoklas these flavor-packed delights are perfect for tiffin meals.

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Healthy Handvo bites:

Treat your little ones with nutritious and delicious Handvo bites.

Using Taste for Life’s Handvo Mix, make delicious Handvo bites and cut them into bite-sized shapes. Arrange them neatly in a tiffin box and add a toothpick for a playful touch.

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Mini Uttapams for delicious tiffin:

Mini Uttapams made using Amboli Readymix, generously topped with colorful veggies!

Not only do they look irresistible but they also offer a simple yet healthy option for tiffin.

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