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Unlocking the Secrets behind Taste for Life’s Healthy and Delicious Atta Range!

Unlocking the Secrets behind Taste for Life’s Healthy and Delicious Atta Range!

In every Indian kitchen, there is one ingredient that plays a very important role - Wheat Flour. 

From soft Roti to Aromatic Parathas, Wheat Atta is an essential ingredient in making delicious meals. But what truly sets good Wheat Atta apart from the rest?

Let’s check out the secret that makes Taste for Life Atta stand out from the rest.

Delight of 12 Hours Soft Chapatis:

Nobody likes the Chewy and rough chapatis in their lunchbox!

Taste for Life’s Atta is designed in such a way that chapatis stays soft for more than 12 hours. This means you can prepare chapatis in the morning and they’ll still be soft enough to serve at dinner.

No Preservatives:

No compromise on health!

Shelf-Life of the Taste for Life’s Atta increases naturally by using clean and moisture-free wheat and maintaining complete hygiene during the wheat grinding process.

Our Atta is prepared without using any preservatives, making it a safe and healthy option for the entire family.

More Chapatis, More Joy:

Experience 15% more chapatis with Taste for Life!

Taste for Life’s Atta absorbs more water and delivers 15% more chapatis compared to other Atta Flour. For instance, if you can make 10 chapatis with the same quantity of other Atta dough, Taste for Life’s Atta dough will deliver 12 to 13 chapatis instead.

The reason behind this is the Chakki grinding method we follow during the Atta preparation.

Taste for Life’s Atta offers this unique benefit, helping you to manage your pantry budget effectively.

Sparkling Clean Wheat

Ever wondered about how wheat gets cleaned before its use? 

When the Wheat arrives from the market, it contains various visible and invisible impurities. To eliminate these impurities, wheat undergoes a 3-step cleaning technique at Taste for Life.

During this 3-step cleaning process, it passes through heavy-duty industrial magnets, suction machines, crushers, de-stoners, separators, and sieving machines. These machines effectively remove visible and invisible dust from the Wheat grain. Only then the Fully Grown, best quality Wheat is transferred to the grinding plant. 

As a result, the Taste for Life Atta, with which you make chapatis, rotis, and phulkas, is exceptionally clean and hygienic.

Branlicious Chapatis:

Goodness of 100% bran

Bran is the outer covering of wheat grain, which holds essential nutrients. Thus, the Wheat Atta you use should contain 100% bran

At Taste for Life, the particle size of the bran is maintained according to the particle size of the flour, which eventually delivers softer chapatis.

Retaining 100% Bran in the Taste for Life’s Wheat flour helps to preserve the natural nutrition of the wheat grain, ensuring your meals are both nutritious and delicious.

Our above unique selling propositions are the promises that we follow to provide the best taste and quality Atta to our customers! 

Taste for Life’s Every Atta Variant has these incredible benefits, providing you with the best wholesome experience. 

Give our delicious Atta Range a try and enjoy soft Chapatis, Rotis, and Phulkas in every meal!

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